Rumble Stars Football 1.5 APK

Football fans are in for a real treat with Rumble Stars Football 1.5 APK. Featuring unique gameplay and mechanics, the game offer fun and enjoyable experiences for those who’re looking of a quick laugh. Find out more about this amazing game on your Android devices with our reviews.

Rumble Stars Football 1.5 APK Story

The animals are holding their own soccer supper league for all of the most athletic footballers to participate. You can also join this amazing sport event by having your own team competing with other incredible players.

Form a team of our favorite animals and lead them to victories by completing exciting missions and challenges. Take on multiple opponents and counter different tactics as you progress through the jungle, ice lands, scorching deserts, and so on.

Rumble Stars Football 1.5 APK Features

The game features relatively unique gameplay compared to other football game. Instead of controlling certain individuals with the balls on their feet, you’ll need to set everything up by positioning your players all over the field and pass the ball for them to execute your tactics.

Mastering the timing skills and make good deliveries to your players, allowing to score amazing goals. Combined with a huge collection of different players with different traits, you can make various tactics to exploit the enemies’ weakness and enhance your strong points.

Here are the amazing features that you’ll find interesting:

Create your team and lead them to victories

To start playing the game, players are required to form up their own team with a set of animal players (Rumblers). Each Rumbler has their own powers and abilities which makes them suitable for certain tactics and playing style.

At first, you’ll be giving a set of free Rumblers to help you start. It’s your job to lead them to victories and level up your players. Make them stronger as you collect new Rumblers to make your team more flexible.

Rumble Stars Football 1.5 APK

Join exciting leagues and enjoy hilarious matches

In Rumble Stars, players must participate in different leagues and divisions that match your current team strength. It’s your job to advance through the difficult matches and take your team up in the ranking table.

Complete the season at a high place up in the top and you’ll be promoted to a higher league where the big boys are playing. In additions, you’ll be rewarded with incredible prizes to powered up for the next challenges.

Unique players with various traits

As mentioned, you’ll be playing with unique animal footballers who possess different powers and abilities. To make your team more capable, you’ll need to come up with suitable tactics that work well with your players.

In additions, make sure you power up your players to make them more capable when dealing with tough opponents. Sometimes, tactics alone will not be enough to help you win the game. It requires brute strength for your players to get passed your opponents’ defenses.

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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